Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fourteen Days with The Fantastic Fourteen

From the Desk of Dr. Misra

I had a fabulous journey to India with fourteen fantastic students! It was the first time many of the students traveled outside of the United States and the first time I led a study abroad group. This trip was part of an international collaborative program where U.S. students get the chance to mingle with Indian students and get involved in various activities including an academic project, cultural programs, traveling and shopping. It was an amazing opportunity for me to watch them grow in an international setting. It definitely takes a lot of courage, motivation and adaptability to take part in this type of program. I enjoyed observing their non-academic activities as well and found some of them to be persevering bargainers, crazy shoppers and inquisitive travelers. Many will not become international travelers after this one trip, but I do know they will be much more prepared for their next international trip should they decide to take one.

Moreover, it was great to meet and get to know a lot of talented Indian students and I can't imagine this program without their intensive help. In addition, this collaborative trip would not be possible for me to conduct without Dr. Yelkur and Dr. Pierce. A special thank you is in order for Rebecca Griffin, whose continuous help made this trip comfortable and enjoyable for all of us. Another thank you to Jaime Leyrer in the College of Business & Management at SVSU for handling the blog while we were away. Congratulations to those students who are graduating this semester and good luck to those who are continuing their education here at SVSU. I would highly encourage all prospective students to participate in at least one study abroad program to complement their education before they graduate. All the best!

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